NRL adds ‘Special Boiling Point Spirit’ on Its Product Slate

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Numaligarh Refinery had started production of a special industrial product, ‘Special Boiling Point Spirit’, (SBPS), enhancing its product slate further. The first Tank Truck carrying 12,000 litres of SBPS was flagged off on 9th Dec, 2016 from Numaligarh Refinery Marketing Terminal by MD NRL Mr. P. Padmanabhan in presence of Director (Finance) Mr. S.K. Barua and other senior officials of the company.  Earlier in the month of July last year, NRL started marketing another special Industrial product, ‘Mineral Turpentine Oil’  (MTO) .

At present, NRL is the only refinery in North East producing these Industrial products. SBPS and MTO are used extensively as raw materials in the manufacture of paints. They find application as thinner for varnish, paint and printing inks formulation where quick drying is required; diluents for lacquer, enamels & high grade leather drops; solvent for processing polishes, cleaning and water proofing compounds etc.

Production of these Special Indu.strial products at NRL will help paint Industries in the region in terms of ready availability and lower costs.

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