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Colours to impact the mood of OUR homes


As humans, we are very prone to colours that surround us. Such as, being in a red room will increase our heart rate and stimulate chemicals associated with aggression and high energy, while the color yellow stimulates serotonin (the feel-good chemical) in our brains. Colour therapy has been practiced in traditional healing professions for many years, but marketers and businesses more recently have also used colour to shift human moods.  Once we learn a bit about the attributes of each colour, we can use that information to promote the atmosphere we want in the different rooms of our homes.Here are some ideas to help you to choose the proper colours for your rooms. 

RED    associates high energy and power. It is the colour our eyes are first drawn in a room. Red signals courage, ambition and strength. It promotes alertness and speed, and connects us to our physical self. Red may help instill confidence, and get us going when we need to be active or task-oriented, and it can also help as an appetite stimulant. So that’s one reason why red is a primary colour on restaurants.

When there is too much red present, or if someone is sensitive to reds, they may experience feelings of irritation, anger or hostility. Often, red is best suited as an accent colour instead of the primary colour in decor.

Blue    endorse calmness and rest and is a very popular colour and indeed is a majority for people being their favourite colour.  Blue can be very effective to help ward off insomnia and promote a deep relaxing sleep. It can help balance hyperactivity in children, and promotes imagination and intuitive thinking.

While blue can often be tolerated in higher amounts than other colours, it is a cool colour, and too much blue can shift into feelings of apathy, pessimism, or separation from others. Balancing blues with a warmer, more relational colour is a great idea for gathering spaces in a home.

Green    is a tremendously pleasing colour. It has many positive qualities — invoking renewal, balance, refreshment and peace – which provide a calming influence and acts as a stress reducer.  An excellent way to bring green into your home spaces is with indoor houseplants or herb gardens.

While there is not a strongly negative aspect to too much green, it can promote laziness and lack of initiative if overused.

Yellow   is the colour of optimism, brightness, cheery attitude and mental clarity. It promotes creative, clear, upbeat thinking and decision making. Yellow can be helpful in easing depression and encouraging laughter.

Studies have shown that over-exposure to yellow, especially intense and deep yellows, can increase irritability, crying, hyperactivity, and can shorten tempers in babies and children (as well as adults).

Orange   is a warm, inviting, and joyful colour which invokes the feelings of sociability, enjoyable connection, and happiness. It has an emotionally strong presence, and promotes extroverted behavior - a fantastic colour to use in gathering spaces to promote interaction and relationship building.

Because orange contains red, it can also be overused. Too much orange (or an orange that is too bright or intense) can create overwhelming, irritating or frustrating feelings.

Violet    is often the favourite colour of adolescent girls, it stimulates the problem solving areas in our brain, and it promotes creativity, intuition and artistic ability. In design, violet communicates richness and sophistication.

Overuse of violet may result in feelings of insecurity or suppression of emotions.

So it is better before bringing colour into your home, consult a colour therapist/analyst. If possible do a little personal assessment of how colour impacts you. Sometimes a color may generally impact people one way, but for you, it brings out entirely different moods, feelings or emotions. Find out how do others in your family respond to color? Have your family members do this exercise — it might remind you how unique (and similar) we all are, and how important it is to be sensitive to everyone in our household.


Compiled by Nirmal Singha

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