National Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering

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A two day National Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering--Opportunities in Northeast was held in Royal Group of Institutions from 28-29 April 2016. Chief Guest Prof. (Dr) Gautam Biswas, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati inaugurated the National Conference.

Prof. (Dr) Gautam Biswas stated that in the present world scenario a model for possible change in undergraduate curriculum was necessary due to the emerging trends in the field of engineering. The present paradigm of Engineering Research is on the verge of a third Industrial Revolution, manifesting as an intersection of life sciences and engineering, leading to the emergence of advanced interdisciplinary subjects. This interdisciplinary approach has given rise to new and hi-tech industries running sophisticated projects with the expertise of well-trained engineers and researchers.

Further, he stated that the sustenance of these industries lies in the availability of well-trained engineering corporations having interdisciplinary competence. Talking about the interdisciplinary research oriented curriculum, he said that the trend world over is to structure the academic programmes in a Credit based academic system with emphasis on research oriented curriculum at senior level. He deliberated on how many well-known schools around the world define their activities of the teaching-learning programme built into the curriculum on Credit Based System.

Talking about the fields of research, he cited Hon'ble Prime Minister of India who suggested to the IITs to work on the present need of the nation. He said that the undergraduates should be motivated for research in the areas of national need from an early age. Dr Biswas concluded his talk with suggestion to develop a bridge between disciplines by implementing inter disciplinary projects in undergraduate curriculum, by educating young engineers to work in teams and by teaching  them to cross disciplinary barriers through ‘lifelong learning’.

Dr. Biswajit Banerjee, Principal, RSET spoke on the theme of the conference and about how the homo sapiens have evolved from stone age to the present digital, soft and smart age. Sidharth Borkataky Project Engineer- Simulation Based Design (CFD), Global Technology And Engineering Centre Whirlpool Of India Limited, Pune delivered his talk on the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Trend, Scopes and Opportunities. Dr. Anuradha Devi, Professor, HOD, Department of Basic  Sciences and Humanities, RSET, talked about the importance of Mathematical modeling as an emerging field of research in the fields of science, engineering and biosciences. Dr. Jayanta Pathak, Professor, Civil Engineering Department, AEC, talked on Risk Management for sustainable development in context with the North East region and also highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary approach in the curriculum to accelerate such developments. Dr. Pankaj Kalita, Assistant Professor, Centre for Energy, IIT Guwahati, deliberated on the various Renewable Energy Technologies that are suitable and sustainable for NE region of India. Dr Arnab Sarma, Professor, HOD, Civil Engineering, RSET, mesmerised the audience with his speech on ecological engineering where he discussed the importance of designing sustainable systems consistent with ecological principles that integrate human activities into the natural environment for the benefit of both. Mr. Hirak Ranjan Das, Assistant Professor, Organizing Secretary, ETIE 2016, in his closing speech thanked all the delegates, participants, RGI staff, students and the sponsors for help, support, guidance and contribution in organizing the conference.

The two day conference included series of lectures and paper presentations by resource persons like Prof. Gautam Biswas Director, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Mr. Manoj K Das, Director, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Guwahati,  Dr. R.M. Pant, Director, NIRD (Panchayati Raj), Guwahati, Dr. Atul Bora, Principal, AEC/ DTE, Assam Engineering College.

The two day conference was attended by all students and faculty members of Royal School of Engineering & Technology.

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